The CUSSE (Certified Unethical Security Systems Expert) is the newest industry-standard certification for the information security industry. Its purpose is to provide a global, recognized certification process to recognize the latest cutting-edge InfoSec professionals.

Why Certify?

The Internet in this day and age is a hostile battlefield. Hackers penetrate and damage delicate and expensive systems, and security experts work hard to minimize and prevent this damage. As a CUSSE Certified specialist, you are empowered with the knowledge, skills and strength to ensure that the havoc on the Internet is furthered, and delicate and expensive private systems continue to be ravaged.

Through the certification process for CUSSE you are taught several crucial skills, and are passed down knowledge from generations of trolls, hackers and general disturbers of the peace:

  • Hacking basics
  • Trolling and spreading lolz
  • Excessive substance consumption to fuel hacking

CUSSE Principles

  • Keeping 0-Days Private
  • IRC
  • Taking down Whitehats
  • Poor Netiquitte
  • Hacking the Planet
  • Ruin
  • No Disclosure
  • Mayhem
  • Nobody is Safe
  • Info is Money
  • Destruction
  • Only Death Saves You
  • Conf
Disclaimer: this site is NOT meant to be taken seriously! This is a parody work.